Ivana Kukuljan (IV AT) and Edi Kačarik (IV AT) are two high-school senior students interested in reading, writing and translating literary work. As a part of our school project Authorial literary work and its translation in English, which is carried out by teachers Sanja Bura and Tina Udović, these two literature enthusiasts have translated into English an interview with their school colleagues Paola Čargonja and Lovro Mršić.


Young translators Ivana Kukuljan and Edi Kačarik



 What you write is a reflection of yourself



Interview written by: Paola Čargonja

Paola Čargonja, a columnist for the school newspaper, conducted an interview with her classmate Lovro Mršić. Lovro is the author two science-fiction novels written in English and published on Wattpad. Paola’s columns are available on the website of our school newspaper whereas Lovro’s novels can be found on the following link:

Paola Čargonja: How did you start writing? How did you get the incentive to write, and are you aiming at a certain demographic age?

Lovro Mršić: At first, I wrote only for myself and my works, now parts of a quite comprehensive book, were hidden far away from the eyes of the public. After some time I decided to show people what I’d created. Regarding the age demographics, I’m not aiming at any specific ones. I believe that what I come up with and write in my book is appropriate for all age groups.


P: Is there an author that inspired you and sparked your idea for writing?

L: No, the idea to write on a public page came to me when I discovered Wattpad, but the website didn’t influence my writing. Therefore, I can say with certainty that what I write is my original work without an outside stimulus that could have shaped it.

P: When you mention that it’s exclusively your work, how do you manage to come up with various ideas and incorporate them into your new chapters without repeating parts of a previous chapter?

L: Well, the first few chapters were really hard to write, creating the idea itself was profoundly complicated, because at the very beginning, you have to make a foundation so to say, that will attract the audience and once you have done that, the ideas line up on their own.

P: Are you afraid that you will run out of ideas eventually? Do you have enough material for further writing or will that phase begin after you finish your current book?

L: No, I’m not afraid of the lack of ideas because they come by themselves and the moment I think of something new, I make a rough draft before I start writing seriously. As far as material is concerned, as I’ve said, I really have so many ideas that I plan on using soon.

P: Great! So you won’t keep us in suspense after you’ve finished writing this book. Do you write in a certain time of the day?

L: Of course I won’t. I usually write at night, mostly because I’ve got more time on my hands than during the day. I can find myself writing a chapter for two or three hours, but of course it depends on the weight of the chapter.


P: What impressions and reactions are you expecting from your readers? Are you expecting any certain comments?

L: Well, the current comments of my readers are all positive and everybody is waiting for a new chapter, so I hope it stays that way. I also hope that readers of mine will be glad with what I write in future.

P: We have no doubts in you! Regarding future books, will you be focusing on Sci-Fi or perhaps on a new genre?

L: I’ll hang on to Sci-Fi, of course. It is, after all, what I write best about, but the plots will definitely be different. Of course, I can’t tell you any further details, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun and interesting.

P: Of course. We’re all eagerly waiting for you to publish something new! And finally,  tell us, are you trying to send a message to your readers through your writing?

L: Well, actually, yes I do. I try to encourage my audience to think as much as I can because the plots are very realistic and they revolve around everyday lives. I try to show people how to react in certain situations.

P: Well said, I think you’re really good at it! Thank you so much! Would you like to say something for the end? Perhaps a tip for younger, aspiring writers?

L: Thank you! I do, actually. Just start writing about whatever comes to your mind and don’t be afraid. What you write is a reflection of yourself, and even though you might think at some point it’s poor writing, you develop it, give it your best shot and you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish!