Two senior students from class 4 G Pavle Jugović and Kenan Mujkić took part in a translating project that has been present in our school for some time now. They translated a report written by their sophomore colleagues Josipa Mihaljević and Edita Remeta about an exhibition presented within the “Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture” project. In addition to that, the text is also a contribution to the project of media coverage of the Rijeka 2020 events that our school and its students gladly participate in.

Introduction written by: Sanja Bura

“Fiume Fantastika: Phenomena of the City” is one of many interesting exhibitions in the city of Rijeka. The exhibition is a part of the “Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture” project. It covers the last 152 years of growth and reconstruction of the city and the influence of economic, political and social processes on the city’s architecture from 1868 until 2020. Creativity in using vast space is noted as well. The exhibition is set in 10 pavilions, each of which thematizes a certain Rijeka phenomenon: Port and Railway, Cinema, Palace, Borders, Monuments, etc. “Fiume Fantastika” exhibition is brilliantly presented and it’s a great mixture of classical and modern style. It also brings fascinating facts about the city so both the citizens of Rijeka and its visitors should definitely attend it.

Translated by: Pavle Jugović and Kenan Mujkić, 4G